About the Train Simulator


The windows in our train cars play real recorded first-person footage from several operating railroad routes.


Subs built in to the flooring provide the feeling of being on a real train. This adds to the view for an immersive experience.


Everything in our facility is modeled after both 1890s Victorian steam trains and the essence of popular steampunk style.


Our waitstaff will make sure you’re all set on food, drinks and games. Service is our top priority for your enjoyment.

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Experience Scenic Train Routes

We offer multiple exciting routes for your enjoyment. Each route features real footage taken from moving locomotives. When played through the windows of our rail cars, you’ll experience a simulation of riding a real train. The experience is enhanced by our vintage 1890s steampunk decor and bass effect within the floors. Our current featured routes are below!

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We care about the community

Game Train USA values the people and local businesses in our community. Every month, we support and feature a non-profit organization as part of our giving back to the community.